Sajedeh Jalali



April 2021

One of my favourite projects ever! Everything worked flawlessly cause we were a perfect team! Even though the MUA did not manage to come that day, miraculously we found another amazing MUA that came from another city to help us. Then we had a brilliant stylist, Van Gogh, and Zurich vibe to create this amazing

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Februrary 2021

We met on Instagram and he was one of the very first people I got to know in Zurich for a photo session. It was a super cold day when we met. Also, it was the first time I was using my new camera, Fuji XT30.

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March 2021

an amazing professional model I got to know through Instagram and we met after a while. Then, Sarah joined us as the makeup artist on set and she was really creative. So glad I could get to create art with 2 artistic and wonderful women!

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Edda (2)

The second session shooting this beauty. I could see that from the last time that we had some photo sessions together till now, she had made huge progress in posing and connecting with the camera, so have I. We met again in Leipzig, Germany to make some art in the peaceful streets of the city

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